It is Tough

It is a tough decision to make. It seems to me that I might not be able to provide the care that Cheryl needs overnight. It breaks my heart to admit it.

Carpe Diem.

2 thoughts on “It is Tough

  1. I do not know your circumstances. Do you have the ability to hire someone who would be up with her in the night? Do you have a second bedroom, where you could put on some white noise to drown out their noises in the night enabling you to get some restful sleep? /If that were an option, it sounds like you can enjoy her companionship for a season longer in the day times.
    My heartfelt feelings go out to you. I’ll remember you and Jane in my prayers


    • Yes I do. I merely don’t know where to begin. … or which would be best. I am in the process. I made a few calls today, one of which was to our financial planner guy to find an extra income stream. There is an outfit called Right at Home which I want to talk to tomorrow. We will see how it goes.


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