Service to Others

Care giving to your spouse opens a whole new line of thought about being of service to others. Throughout my life I have sought jobs that both interested me and allowed me to be of service to my employer and their customers. Sometimes to financial detriment of the guy paying my salary. Good customer service extends to all other areas of life.

These days much of my time is spent in caring for Cheryl. She has taught me new methods of coping with the current situation. This is especially true as the dementia aspect of her Parkinson’s disease seems to take over from a mere (if there is such a thing) movement disorder to a degeneration of her cognitive ability. Simple sleep seems to help.

These days sleep does not always help. Her mind is constantly confused. In any single conversation she can be old and young, a student ready to go to school, our children might live here with their children and I might be someone else.

I love her and grieve the loss of her.

Carpe Diem.

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