I AM ENOUGH — Care for Parkinson’s

Sometimes while caring for someone with a degenerative disease, we have occasion to doubt ourselves. To think we are the wrong person for the job. To think God must have made a mistake – surely someone else could do better. After all, we are so imperfect. Our loved one is not getting better. (We knew […]

I AM ENOUGH — Care for Parkinson’s

Whenever I am looking for alternative inspiration I read this blog.

Carpe Diem.

5 thoughts on “I AM ENOUGH — Care for Parkinson’s

  1. Hi

    Just letting you know that although I don’t always have something specific to say about them, I read and appreciate most of your blogs. They’re invariably very straightforward, very moving. Thank you. Take care.

    Best wishes Rob


    Don’t just do something…sit there



    • Thanks for reading. I write these little blog posts for my own peace. For some reason, writing my thoughts is cathartic to me. Sometimes I write to sooth my soul. — that sounded corny but it is how I feel some days.


      • Yes, I understand. When I started my blog I realised that I had to write first for myself, and see it as a bonus if other people read it, and it’s helpful for anyone.


      • Exactly my attitude. — The other evening after I had read you travel post and how you refer to parkyboy, I realized that my wife does a similar thing in real time. As her dementia worsens she will talk about herself and some times to herself in the third person. She doesn’t have a name though. She merely says – that other woman or that other girl. I always want to respond with, who? or who are you talking to? Lately I have taken to merely listening to see if I can help without getting in the way.
        Keep writing.


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