April Fool’s Day and other Thoughts

(image from Microsoft teams)

This morning after a remarkably good sleep, Cheryl got up and took a shower. She spent a lot of time getting cleaned up. She finally came into the kitchen looking for breakfast about 10am just as her alarm went off signalling the next dose. I asked her if she wanted cereal or something else to eat. She asked, Are there any donuts? (I have to start making some and experimenting with freezing them so they are readily available for breakfast.)

UDF donuts

I got donuts from the UDF store about a mile away. She likes their “kettle danish.” Two have been enough in times past so I purchased two. She is generous with food and offered the second on to me but I did not accept it.

I signed her up her April PCF classes and noticed the hands class teacher is back from Florida. She wants to go to “hands” class. This class has been on line while the instructor has been in Florida for several weeks. That style class really does not work for Cheryl.

Where does “April Fool” come from? I like this explanation I stole from India.com. It is not hard for me, a catholic, to believe some past pope guy started this nonsense.

It is believed that Pope Gregory XIII was the one to be blamed. He ruled the new calendar to start from January 1, instead of the previous celebration of the new year at the end of March or April 1. Though, the change in the annual calendar was brought into practice by France. But across Europe, the people continued to follow the Julian calendar. And those who failed to register the use of a new date and ended up celebrating New Year in April have been marked as ‘Fools’. Hence, a particular day for fools came into being.


Happy April 1st! Eat more donuts!

Carpe diem.

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