Monday, Bloody Monday

I hate Mondays. Mom told me this late in her life. I asked her why? I pointed out that she had not worked for decades. I don’t like Monday was her response.

Parkies can be grumpy on Monday too.  Cheryl is not typically. I guess I am a bit because I did not sleep as well as I wanted.  My bladder got me up at 4am and itchy legs kept me up for awhile.

I finished the wordle and went back to bed about 5am. The sun was up when I awoke again at 8. Cheryl was awake also so I made coffee and went retrieve the garbage can and the newspapers.

Except for the fact that I am retired and Cheryl has Parkinson’s disease and does not move well. A regular day. Ho Hum

Carpe Monday Diem

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