Don’t Be An Asshat

Asshat is one of my favorite terms for “stinker”. When I read it in a book it makes me giggle internally.

Today I was an asshat. Cheryl had a rough night. She spent a long time feeling something in her bowel that would not happen. Sadly one of the often not talked about symptoms of Parkinson is constipation. This condition is treated with various devices, more veggies, extra fiber, fiber enhanced foods, docusate sodium (stool softener), Miralax, psyllium husk powder, and others. The result of many of these maybe all is an emergency. And sometimes a declogging device. We have been down this road many times.

Why I did not recognize it last night at 3 AM is beyond me. Maybe not.

I was an asshat. Today I am trying to recover from my overnight asshattedness.

Happy New Year! My One Word is CONNECT

Carpe diem – Get up! Connect! Move!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be An Asshat

  1. If I don’t see any movement at least once in a 24 hour period…I become flatulant. A trick I learned from my father… I order a tripple Magnesium Complex 400 mg from Swansons. The result is…more water is directed to the colon, softening the stool. Another tool l have come to appreciate I gleaned from one of my daughters’ mother in law. She told me the dr had suggested she take a capsule of Cape Aloe. I get 250mg from Douglas Labratories . This also directs water toward the colon.
    If you choose to try either of these I’d suggest start with 1 capsule to see how she reacts.
    some people get iresults. the very next 24 constipation pronblem requires me to take 1 capsule of magnesium and 1 capsule of aloe in the morning and again before retiring for the night. I still need occassional additional stool softener.
    I could eat an entire box of prunes and not have a reaction.
    I appologize if this is more than you cared to know


    • 200mg of docusate sodium each day seems to work for her… We have had some stomach bug wandering around. We’re both tired. Thanks for your advice though. It is hard to not be an asshat when I am tired. 🙂


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