Too Little Too Late

Sad words of defeat and disappointment

Disgusting words of skeptical cynicism

Throwing in the towel in defeatist mysticism

Certain that you are beaten

But wait something did change

A small difference, a tiny deflection, a glimmer of light

A sliver of hope, a glimpse of a dawning

A view of the next phase is within range

It may have been too little too late

To do nothing is neither a little or late

Doing nothing is an abatement, acceptance of defeat

Sad words indeed

Too little too late

These thoughts jumped into my head the other day when I was reading a comment from Cheryl’s cousin. It is often used as an epithet. The follow up question of “what would you do?” often merely raises tension instead of being treated as a valid entreaty for knowledge.

Life is complicated and rarely in sharp contrast.

Carpe Diem.

3 thoughts on “Too Little Too Late

  1. Paul, I like all of your posts, you have a way with words and are so consistently upbeat. I can’t help but wonder if I might give you a sliver of hope, a glimpse of a dawning. I feel like it has been of great benefit for so many… including myself. Won’t you try LuminAloe for Cheryl?
    Scroll down to the AluminAloe and click on ‘read more’ And you can see the ingredients and read the label.


      • Yes, i feel certain that my symptoms have lightened. I have documented one thing I noticed. Dr McDaniel told a story about a person who had heart surgery, and it was noted that there was significant white scarring on his heart.
        a year later the same person had gone into surgery again for an unrelated issue, but close enough to the previously scarred heart, (knowing the patient had been consuming the aloe product for the past year) the physician decided to take a look at the patient’s heart. And he later reported his surprise that the heart no longer had any scaring, but instead the heart was a very healthy looking red. So my thinking was… my leg looks terrible, the veins stick out and bulge. So if I make a pictorial document showing my leg before and then a year later, I should be able to verify if the more comprehensive nutrition reversed the cardiovascular damage. The improvement is remarkable.. I’ll post the photos soon on my blog (as soon as I take the 2nd photo.)

        Paul, no two people respond exactly the same… and your Cheryl’s condition may have progressed so far it can’t be reversed, but you won’t know for sure if you don’t try it.


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