When She Says Thanks

When she says thank you, I respond with you are welcome.

When she tells me, I’m sorry, I respond with you do not have to be sorry.

We have these conversations all day long. I started this blog post after reading and responding to the Facebook post shown here. I suppose I have not thought of this before but politeness and kindness are very basic to the whole care giving, care partnering thing.

For many months earlier when she was dealing her dementia and before we monkeyed with her meds and bought a new bed so we can sleep better, there was a lot of tension between us at night and this sort of conversation did not happen.

This disease is a displeasing feeling in one’s posterior. Injecting calm and kindness makes the day go easier. (And the night.)

Tonight she is following three different cookie recipes to make something that she is going to use tomorrow. So far I see butter and eggs in the bowl with some sugar. Earlier I was thinking of forcing my help on her. In mid-force I decided what the hell. I can throw away the butter and two eggs tomorrow. Pretty cheap solution to calmness in the household.

Carpe Diem

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