Denial or Not?

It is so easy to creep into denial mode when caring for a loved one with a chronic disease. The care activity takes so much of the the daily activity that one can feel guilty about merely sitting and reading a book.

I read books a lot. It is the major consumption of my time the other major part of the pie being a care partner to my wife.

It is rare that I will ask for any help. When others ask how am I? or How are we doing? I deny the fact that on some days we are swirling around the drain. Maybe because on other days life is swell. I merely reply, we are fine.

After all not everyone needs to know and who needs that comment, “You are so blessed.”

We are fine even if we are in denial.

9 thoughts on “Denial or Not?

  1. I give thanks that my husband is healthy. For short periods of time than you I have been a caregiver also. I chose the people to be vulnerable with carefully and their prayers helped. Your wife is blessed to have you.


  2. We have a friend who just lost her dad to Alzheimers after taking care of him, for many months. She worked so hard to keep him home and has suffered emotionally and physically from it. I admire her dedication but what other way is there when it is someone you love? “Huggs”.
    Sheila Scherlin


    • My heart goes out to your friend. There is no other way I think. I have come to believe that my purpose in this life is to take care of Cheryl. That does not mean that I have to like it. But she is the love of my life. She is where I am home. 🙂 I have had conversations with total strangers about our situation and replied, “we’re fine” to acquaintances. Some are good some are not so much. Some days I am certain there is a God. Some days it is hard to see Him anywhere. Thanks for reading.


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