That Last One

The previous post was self serving but I would like to have my old life back. I would like to have my young body back too. That is not going to happen anymore so wishful and wistful thoughts are not going to be helpful to looking ahead. Let me face forward and move on.

As hard as it is I want to try a new tactic. Much of my anxiety about Cheryl is fear for her failure and subsequent embarrassment. I project that on her. She is not concerned. She is talking about apple pie again. Today we bought more apples and she chopped them up to make an apple pie for Easter dinner.

Last night or perhaps the night before her confused head decided that she should call her sister Deb and chat her up about making an apple pie for the Easter gathering. As time moves on she seems more and more confused about what and when and who. I have explained that we are going to our daughter’s house for Easter dinner. Somehow that gets converted into Nancy and Jan and Deb.

Nevertheless I asked my daughter-in-law Mavis to come and help Cheryl finish the pie. She readily agreed.

I am hoping for a new experience and memory.

Carpe Diem.

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