Scam Likely

Another roboshit call from some computer called “amazon”. Even the scammers are automated. Mr. Robo Death shown here maybe out of a job.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The pseudo-landline rings it cheery tone in the late morning. “Hello, is is a call about your amazon account…” — but Amazon, I have made purchases through and from Amazon, does not know this number for me. I have associated a mobile number with my account.

It is not surprising that there are so many robo-calls. “This is an apology call from your electric utility”. This same technology is much akin to the targeted ads that track any online search. They politely sit on the side of the screen and say “Pick me! Pick me!” If you are searching on a small device those same ads cover the information that you want and often reverse the “go away” and “Pick me” buttons.

At home on the VoIP pseudo-landline, answering the phone with “Supp!” or “Ahoy, ahoy!” instead of the traditional “Hello” confuses the software.

If you let the call go through it often connects you to a human in Mumbai or Jakarta.

It is an amazingly complex and technological world we live in.

Be careful out there.

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