My Shampoo is GONE!

Another nuance to the problem of hallucinations, confusion and delusion is how the conditions interact.

Recently we have had discussions about two little girls and some older woman – possibly their grandmother or guardian – playing in the bathroom when Cheryl wants to use it. Sometimes the little girls are playing with stuff in Cheryl’s office in the evening when she is working the birthday card list. (She thinks.) Often when she is through for the evening she will close her office door to keep the girls out.

Probably last Friday after she had washed her hair and put on the special conditioner, she put those items in a special place where the hallucinatory girls could not get to it and she would not have trouble remembering where she placed it later. This is speculation on my part. I was not here.

This morning there was a crisis. The shampoo was not in its ordinary place under the bathroom sink. It certainly is possible someone carried the shampoo off somewhere but I expect to find it in some odd spot where the girls cannot get to it and Cheryl will not forget where she put it.

So far that special place it nowhere in my little office area.

Another thing that will keep my life interesting, keeping track of the special shampoo.

Carpe Diem.

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