Forever My Love

Words of love
Softly spoken
Like clouds above
Drift away
What shall I say?
To let you know the way I feel
Should I cry out loud that love is real?
Or simply reveal
Forever my love

Time alone will tell us
Lovers born in May
May grow bitter and jealous
Faded and gray
What shall I say?
It’s not another lovers game
It doesn’t seen to have a name
It changes and remains the same
Forever my love, my love

Yesterday’s projection will never really know
But tomorrow’s recollection will surely know
It was so
Between us
Ain’t no other way
Time has seen us
Day after day
What shall I say?
That isn’t in the way I act
That will carry through the years intact
I’m lookin’ forward to lookin’ back
From further in down the track
Together in fact
Forever my love, my love

She caught me by surprise today. Telling me about this song by songwriters Carly Simon & James Taylor. Lately occasionally in the midst of the corona virus catastrophe, she’s been playing old albums as she puts her office/sewing room in some sort of order. Various moods float through our house.

She also found this picture of us on our wedding day. (Goodness, we were thin then!) She made that dress. It was a wonderful day that I have little memory of. That is sad, is it not? I did not keep all the minutia of that day in my heart as she did. I remember it was HOT.

We were married in late August in Ohio. Long enough ago that A/C was advertised as an important feature of bars and other gathering places.

Today, almost 50 years later, I reflect on that fact and the wonderful times we have had. And look forward to the years we have left and I wonder if I am able to keep the minutia in my heart as her ability to do that fades. I pray that I can. To help her remember later and never correct her recollection, merely help her weakened mind.

Forever my love. That was our vow to each other. Forever. That is love. Her disability now is the reason we were brought together then. He knew she would need me. For that I am grateful. I did not think I would be when we first learned of the Parkinson’s but with each passing day I realize the gift He has given me.

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