Distraction from Diversity

A break up between lovers a saddening, maddening mess
Talking without listening, hearing but unheard
Love let loose to fly without another word
to return from whence within the heart it
escaped to be kept in darkness for the next
A separation of friends a saddening maddening mess
Honesty without charity, unacceptance of uniqueness
Relationship neglected and abandoned with ease
relationship nurtured with love, kindness, empathy, vision
Glad hearts darkened by loneliness and isolation
the light saved for the next
A chronic illness is this maddening saddening mess
acceptance without explanation of symptomatic defeat
failure of love to respond without bias or as unrequited
to her needs without admonishment or regret
a deep need to engender her abilities though fewer
encouragement to succeed without overwhelming
assumption of control to rest for the next
Giving care and help is a gladdening heartening task
done by one for another and back again as the cared for
returns the care and kindness shown.
Love is this, to be shared among both 
or all for the next and this returned 
to take part in and part of the care and love

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