Caregivers Prayer (with additions)

By Edie Kynard

Lord,as we face this day together, please help me to handle each moment with strength.

May my attitude be positive, my hands gentle when administering help and my heart full of compassion.

(Help me to understand that I do not know all the answers, that only she knows how and what she is feeling.

Teach me to be supportive when necessary, to be the explainer when asked, or to be the leader if called upon by her to do so, but instill in me the patience, wisdom and empathy to determine which of those is called for this time.)

Please lift me up when I am down, show me the humor in awkward situations and nudge me when I lack understanding. (Do not make your nudges subtle for I am male.)

Send me aha moments for us to grow through, messages from above for us to share and empathy so that I can step into his (her) shoes and readjust my attitude.

I’ve asked for a lot Lord, but the most important is my request for forgiveness when, in human error, I tread upon his (her) heart.

So please …keep my feet planted in solid faith so that I can sow seeds of kindness and not weeds of grumbling toward the many tasks at hand.

Fill me with wisdom so that when we walk this journey together we don’t get lost along the way.

In Your holy name, Amen

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