Parkinson’s Disease sucks April 6, 2019


This person is the love of my life. My companion, my confidant, my support, my cheerleader, my lover, the mother of our children, the person who fills me up, the person where I am home.

Parkinson’s disease has stolen the soul of her being and it sucks. This is an old picture. We made a trip with friends to Grand Canyon National Park and Arizona. She saw the Milky Way one warm clear evening in the desert. We walked, talked, enjoyed some ice cream. It was a great trip. We thought one of many to be had in our later years as we grew older. We intended to savor life, enjoy the activities and antics of grand children and slowly fade away to the grand march of time.

I long to see this smile. This is one of the few pictures I have with Cheryl smiling naturally, not posed, not requested. Occasionally I would get lucky with my camera. Parkinson’s has stolen her smile and it sucks.

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