Parkinson’s disease sucks March 25

Early Monday morning 3/25/19 Cheryl experienced hallucinations again. The hallway became a beach. Kids without faces were running around. The bed sheets became liquid like water. Ceiling tiles squiggly lines like snakes. She told me that I had on funny clothes, but I had on jeans and a shirt.
She is sleeping now. It is 5:57AM. She just snored. She seems peaceful now.

What is love?

It can be many things. In the darkness of the night, perhaps it is patience. With little sleep comes paranoia, delusions and confusion. Love is staying awake to protect her, so she can sleep.

What is love?

Delusions come and are temporary. Love is a lifetime.

What is love?

It is simply putting someone else first. Yourself second.

What is love?

It is a mental state. It is more than physical. It is a devotion. A consuming ideal of dedication to another person’s well-being. Words provide little justice to the state of love.

What is love?

It is not that giddy giggly fealing inside when you see the one you love, that is prescient to the knowledge that you are both here, together in the state of love.

What is love?

Love is a collection of feelings too complex and too simple for an easy description. It is a communion of emotions and actions. It is bazaar in its entanglements. It is a devotion to someone not you.

What is love?

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