Food Therapy – Pasta: Chicken Rigatoni

Another Hello Fresh recipe card. This is very similar to a recipe that I prepare often. I typically use spaghetti but occasionally I buy tortellini, shells or penne pasta. I have not used rigatoni prior to this.

Pasta is easy – super easy – to prepare. This recipe uses three ounces of pasta for each person. Ordinarily I would only use two ounces. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I read, my mother told me, wherever it came from, two ounces per person is a good measure. The sauce can be anything you want it to be. This makes a pinkish sauce that has probably sour cream and milk mixed with the tomato paste added to the ground chicken. A tablespoon or so of italian seasoning is added. This mix used the whites of two green onions but a clove or two of garlic would also be welcome.

The kit is supplied with a red bell pepper. In similar dishes I have made in the past I have used yellow, orange and green peppers. In the way past, I used banana peppers from my garden. I used an eight inch steel skillet to manufacture the sauce in — sorry — no picture. It turned out to be the correct size for the small amount of ingredients. Chicken has little fat in it, so, a little more oil would have been appropriate. Be careful with the heat.

Ingredients after I chopped up the red pepper and green onions. Now we boil the pasta.

I forgot all about the green onions when I put pasta into the bowls. I put the red pepper flakes on mine but I am unconvinced that the sauce needs it. In addition my drizzle technique I must work on my toweling of pasta bowls. As you can see I am a bit messy with that.

his plate

Pretty good but too much for Cheryl.

her plate

As you can see I forgot to garnish with the green onions. That’s okay because neither one of us like green onions anyway.

If I was making this with out the kit, I would probably use italian sausage and a marinara sauce right out of the jar. The creamy base which I guess to be sour cream and milk gives the sauce an odd pinkish color about like Thousand Island dressing. The color is not captured well in these photos. (I suppose I like my sauces to be either red or white not pink.)

Nevertheless it was good and Cheryl ate much of her bowl. We had rye bread with it and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

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