We Are Called

So… I have had this ear worm for a couple of days now… The hymn was sung in church last Sunday.

We are called, we are chosen.
We are Christ for one another.
We are promised to tomorrow,
while we are for him today.
We are sign, we are wonder.
We are sower, we are seed.
We are harvest, we are hunger.
We are question, we are creed.

there’s more …

© OCP 1978,1979.

Whenever this happens I will take the time to analyze why a song or hymn has had this effect on my head.

In this case I have meditated upon my role in Cheryl’s care for some time. Every care partner does or they walk away. I have chosen to stay by her side through all that comes.

… we are called to be Christ for one another … and to walk humbly with God. (a different hymn)

To search for the meaning of our life is in all of us. Being an active care partner is a humbling experience. It is also a grief stricken experience. On many days it sucks.

I’m still thinking about all of it.

Carpe Diem.

One thought on “We Are Called

  1. Paul, I’d like to share my testimony that this lif a test of our faith. God has a plan of happiness for each of his chilren, some of us have very difficult challenges, but in the Lord’s time our sojourne on this earth is but a brief time. I believe as you serve your wife, you are storing up blessings for the eternities. I like to think each time I do something to help someone else, There goes another shibngle on the roof of my future Heavenly home.


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