Yesterday Friends Came

Yesterday several of Cheryl’s friends came to visit. It started out as a low key thing. Our friend and neighbor, Jane, organized many of Cheryl’s friends and old card playing buddies to visit on a regular basis and allow me to escape for a bit. Cathy sent a text message to me a couple days ago.  She was supposed to come last week but got too close to a child and was still recovering from whatever disease virus that kid was carrying. This week she is coming to visit. The text asked if I was okay with her coming. Sure said I.

A day or so later I got a text from Mary Jo. Was it okay if she came to visit. Sure said I. Cathy was coming that day also. Hmmm said she. I thought it was my day. Time to par-tay.

On the heels of those women, Maxine, Cheryl’s old boss and good friend called and said that she was coming. Maxine is older so she came with special requests. For a while there were two women with mobility issues in our house. Friends are great but they need to deal with their own issues themselves. That sounds a bit callous but I have one focus that consumes me.

Nevertheless all went well for a time and I snuck out to the barber for a long delayed haircut. I was starting to favor the gray haired Boris Johnson look.

Today more friends came. Nancy and Carren came over for a visit.

Most of these visits were in response to our friend and neighbor Jane’s idea of a network of friends to help with Cheryl and give me a bit of respite.

I may have to spend some time in discernment. Cheryl was very tired and confused into the evening after they left.

Carpe Diem.

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