Notes are Great

(This picture of a fossil track called a mortichnia heads an article in Omni Magazine.)

But impressions are better. They are more general. I was thinking about this early this morning while writing in my little log where I make notes about Cheryl’s day to day.

I note sleep patterns. I write when she goes toward and eventually gets into bed. I know this intimate detail because I have been helping her get her pajamas on and positioned in bed. Most nights she stays. Sometimes she has gotten back up and we will sit for a bit while I get finished with whatever I am doing before going to bed. Many times that is writing this little blog or my “Hitchhiker’s Guide” to care giving. (I am collecting stories and thoughts in a book.)

We have been speaking untruthfully to therapists when they ask, Do you need help with getting dressed? I usually respond with sometimes but mostly not. Cheryl mentions her numb feeling fingers which get in the way of snaps and buttons. None of these are on her pajamas but late at night it is confusing to her.

I note conversation in the evening which lately is confusing. I have thought it might be interesting to capture it and transcribe it. It suffices to say that it is very odd and non-linear.

It is better to stay in the moment. It is better to reflect on those moments and write my impressions later.

Carpe Diem.

One thought on “Notes are Great

  1. Paul, writing down a dialog can be very revealing. I had an assignment while attending MSSU When my baby was in Head Start. I was to write down everything my 5 year old said as she was asked to tell me the story of a book that has been read to her on previous occasions. She looked at the pictures and told a story, but her conversation was all over the place and not related to the pictures. But what fascinated me most was … out of the blue she asked random questions like “Mommy, do you wear deoderant?” and then, she would go back to reading/telling the story. And then, “do turtles bite?” and back to the story. I had no idea her mind was racing around like that, previously.

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