Word of the Day – Dumfungled

Word of the Day – Dumfungled
By Kath November 9, 2022 Word of the Day

Dumfungled (verb) (Scots)


  1. mentally and physically worn out.
  2. done for, wasted
  3. Some beer would be good. Perhaps a nice single malt.

Example sentences: “Leave me be, hen. I’m feeling dumfungled at the week I’ve had.”

My sentences: Dumfungle the competition and take over their area. | Dumfungling takes a lot of time but it is so restful afterward. | AND | My wife has Parkinson’s disease, so, she is dumfungled in the evening.

Oft times as a care partner I find little diversions to take me away from our daily existence. Reading, language, words, word usage and humor are mainstays of my diversions. This word-of-the-day from a site in the UK captured my interest today. Thank you Kath – whoever you may be.

Carpe Diem.

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