Part of a Study

Pfizer is conducting further trial testing of a mRNA style flu vaccine. Their ad popped up on Facebook a few weeks ago and I answered it.

The first visit about 3 1/2 hours long was taken up with health history and all the normal blood related questions. After the initial interview an official doctor, he had a stethoscope draped on his neck, came in to ask many of the same questions. Good cop, Bad cop? I think that we were waiting for the vaccine to melt. A third person came in to train me on how to label nasal swabs that I needed to do if I felt like I caught the influenza virus from somewhere. Eventually another came to a blood draw. And another came to inoculate me with the double blind test substance. Every day in the evening for 7 days I have to report any and all symptoms on an app. I waited 30 minutes after the jab to make sure death evaded me.

I returned home to the cookie mess. Cheryl had decided to make more Christmas trees but had run out of gas, strength, linear thinking and wherewithal to complete the cookie dough. I guessed there was not enough butter and no flour in the mix. I saved the cookie dough but put them in the oven for too long. Probably should have been 10 minutes not the 13 that I had selected because I thought it was 15. The cookie expert (Cheryl) always says, set the oven for a couple minutes short and look at them. (The recipe words were nowhere to be found.) Oh well, I like crunchy cookies. She likes soft cookies which I think are under done.

Afterward Cheryl recognized that she could no longer make cookies on her own. Or she at least expressed it that way to me. Today she probably does not remember that at all.

Carpe Diem

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