Bobble-Head Biker

Children even grown ones, maybe especially grown ones can surprise you in the most unusual way. Today my daughter gave me a very special Father’s day gift. Read on.

Bobble head biker Dad
Bobble Head Biker Dad

Twas July the ninth a day like any other
Today was a thirty year celebration for Cheryl’s brother.
In business he was for that time at that place,
only he like his father could keep up the pace.

But before we left to celebrate Dan’s glee
My daughter Anna sent a text message to me!
Would I be home about two-ish? You see, she would stop by
A treat for me was in the offing. I wondered why.

No. Sadly I replied for Dan’s party on our calendar did note
We have planned to visit from one to four to help him gloat
about a business that he tended for life with much pride
And hopefully soon he would into the sunset ride

Secretive was Anna with her clues and her hints
I imagined her baking and thought not of it since
When we returned from the celebration of Dan,
A gift bag on the dining room table did stand.

Happy Father’s day it shouted with great joy!
Catch on I did not, Anna’s secretive ploy.
Within was a box, its contents wrapped with care
It was obvious to me no baking was there

Instead was something that inspired me to write
this poorly worded rhyme, an iambic fight
Prose is more my love. To wax philosophic
Poetry and rhyme is for me catastrophic

But I gave it a go. And now I am through
Thank you Anna. You know I love you.
And on my desk near others, you know I will add 
this wonderful addition of bobble-head biking DAD
My head is bigger than your head…

Carpe bobble-head Diem.

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