A Haunted Condo

Recently one of the older residents of our condo complex passed away suddenly from a cardiac arrest at dinner. This was very sad news indeed for her family and shocking news to our HOA and those who knew her.

Today as we got into the car to go to exercise class, Cheryl described seeing a “blond or gray-haired woman” zipping down the hallway in a hurry. She did not look around or wave as she went by but I asked a couple of questions about her sighting and Cheryl’s description of the woman could have described the resident who had died a few days ago.

Could we be haunted?

Cheryl often describes to me a woman she sees in our condo sitting in the bay window seat of our bedroom. When she awakens in the morning she sees this person. She tells me that the woman in charge of the school… (Cheryl will add some description). I cannot resist pointing out that only we live here but perhaps like the actress in “Ghosts” only she can see them. Maybe I should emulate the husband ask more questions about who she sees. After all I am the chef these days.

Something to think about.

Carpe Diem.

Another way to think about it….

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