Lists, Wishes and Trips

Today sitting in Anna’s house chatting, Anna told her mom that today was June the fifth. Did Mom know whose birthday was today. I thought, shit, I forgot to write that detail on the white eraser page that I put on the kitchen table in the morning. And I had lost that fact also. I have been so focused on Cheryl and getting some activity for her each day I lost track of my own son’s birthday.

Cheryl always wants to make a list so she does not forget something. How does one even begin to write a list of things or events not to be forgotten when one cannot remember what is to be on the list?

That is a tricky question. It is hard to remember what you have forgotten or maybe did not know at all.

Another subject for a list is the places and people we need to visit . Maybe we have not seen them in person for awhile. there are many people that we have not seen in person for at least two years. I did travel to see my sister about a year ago. We attended my nephew’s wedding in California. It was hot. It was fun. My brother-in-law, my nephew’s father, had brought along his fiance to the celebration and for some arbitrary reason she blew up and their wedding is not happening. Cheryl is working on a list for visiting folks. My nephew and his new wife are expecting a baby very soon.

Should she ever get her list together I will make every effort to figure it out. Planning trips is hard. Cheryl needs a lot of extra equipment these days. The new U-Step walker, although it folds, is better transported by a pick up truck. She is much more steady behind it.

Carpe Diem.

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