She Bounces

When trying to get her scoocher going to get out of the chair, off of the sofa, out of the car, out of the booth at the restaurant, Cheryl bounces. My younger sister coined this term to me when she said that after spending so much time in a hospital bed with a variety of blood cancer, her scoocher no longer worked. It was hard for her to get into a wheelchair, into the car, out of the car, and so on. Laura is no longer of this earthly existence. Cheryl’s scoocher still works sort of. She scooches to the edge of a chair and grabs, pulls or pushes herself up. As many as six different PT instructors and her doctor and NP cannot get her to understand bending forward to stand, so she bounces and pushes.

Actually this guy in the picture sums it up pretty well. Since he did not lean forward enough to get his head over his knees, his center of gravity is behind his ankles. If he has really massive toes and strong glutes it will work. At step two Cheryl does the bouncy thing to get momentum to throw herself up.

To a parkie who is constantly worried about falling on her face, it is understandable to avoid leaning forward too far. Her solution is to lean away from the direction she is going toward. Sometimes she falls backwards.

Carpe Diem.

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