Last Night

Last night I took her home. It was all I could think to do to help calm her. She was certain that she was not home.

She announced that she wanted to go to bed. It was a little early but not unprecedented.

Cheryl became agitated and upset at about 8:30 in the evening and wanted to go home. I tried pointing out to her that we are home. She was argumentative and inconsolable. She got her purse and rolled her pajamas under her arm. We got in the car and toured the small town we now live in.

Almost returned to our street I said, almost home. When we get there it will be just in time for your bedtime meds. She replied, good. I am tired and want to go to bed.

When I left her in the bedroom putting on pajamas to go read for a while, she told me, drive carefully on the way home. In her mind I lived somewhere else. I replied, I will.

We have done this before with some success so it is not totally unprecedented.

I was looking forward to a long and agitated sleepless night. Fortunately I was wrong that night.


Carpe Diem.

7 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Hu, a patient with Parkies who previously who previously looked after a mother with dementia I can understand your frustration but applaud your kind patience.t the moment I live alone with my son nearby and try not to be a burden.. I am laughing just now because I am dictating this and itthinks I am trying to say I am trying not to be a virgin! oh dear I am dictating this because I can’t type very well anymore with shaky hands but I do have to be careful to watch what the dictation thinks I am saying or I could get into real trouble!


    • … thanks, you made me laugh. Good luck with your virginity (smiley face). A work colleague of mine described to me one day about taking his grandmother (with Alzheimer’s) around the house and into the bedroom, announcing, “we’re home, Grammy!” and she was satisfied. I tried it once with Cheryl a few months ago and it worked.


    • Indeed the past couple days (nights actually) have been rough on us. PD is a very strange thing. I would expect simple exhaustion to take hold of her and last night it did. She slept right through any trips to the bathroom 🙂 — It’s all good though, today is wash the sheets day anyway. I got a few extras today, but she did rest well as did I. Thanks for your kind intentions.


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