Rock Solid

This morning she dressed the bed. I went back to the bedroom after she announced that she intended to get cleaned up and get ready for exercise class. The bed was put together already. I was overwhelmed with emotion. She had slept solid most of the night.

My heart leapt for joy. She has not made the bed for a couple of years. Long enough ago that I have forgotten when the last time it was that she made the bed.

We had pancakes for breakfast but she wanted donuts. (Smiley face).

At about 4am after a trip to the bathroom she asked me, when is church? Three hours later she asked me if I had gotten donuts for breakfast. There is an association in her of church and donuts.

Previous donuts

Maybe I will stop and pick up some donuts from somewhere today so that we have them tomorrow morning.

Every day is a new day.

Carpe Diem.

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