51 Years Today

Today is our 51st wedding anniversary. I took as many of the kids and grand kids as could make it out to dinner yesterday evening to celebrate. It was a very nice meal. Cheryl told me she was grateful to everyone who was able to come and she had a great time. Later when it was time to go to bed she wished me a happy birthday. She said in all the confusion and celebration she had forgotten to do that. I thanked her.

Several weeks ago in early July she gave me this note. She was listing cards to buy at the time and she realized from her notes that our wedding anniversary was coming up in August. I remember on that evening a few weeks back that she was very proud of herself. Her math was still working. I just smiled and agreed with her and kept this note. I think I will always keep it.

We met 55 years ago on a blind date tomorrow. We were married 51 years ago today. It was as HOT day. It was August in Ohio.

Although life could be better if Cheryl did not have Parkinson’s disease, I would not have missed one day of our life together. Happy Anniversary to us!

Carpe Diem.

Every day is a winding road, enjoy the ride.

3 thoughts on “51 Years Today

  1. Happy anniversary! We (husband with Parkinson’s) also reach that 51 year mark this year. He won’t remember it’s coming, but will gladly celebrate. I’ve really enjoyed your comments. They help me to stay focused on the positives and to remember the love.


    • Once in a while I think – Wow has it really been that long? And then I look at our oldest who will be 49 this year in a couple months and think what a wonderful life we’ve had so far. PD is annoying but the kids all know Mom doesn’t think or move so well these days so they help when they can. Sometimes that means listening patiently to Mom rambling nonsense over the phone. Happy Anniversary to you both! Have a great day!


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