This Morning there came a Little Girl

Cheryl got up very early this morning. I expected that but hoped for not.

Today we had an early eye exam. It is time for that once a year what is up with your eyeballs visit to the eye guy.

I angrily got up to get some breakfast for her but before that she was talking to someone. An apparition standing in front of her she described as a small girl.

After breakfast she walked into the bedroom several times. I asked her what was she looking for; could I help her to find something? She replied that she was looking for that woman who takes care of the little girl to find out what she – the little girl – might want for breakfast.

As the day moved on and her meds kicked in the apparition faded but Cheryl was angry that I did not believe her.

I believed her and I told her so. I merely could not see the girl.

An update; this evening Cheryl asked me if I saw that other woman tonight when we were sitting in the theater (living room). I answered no I did not but I was not paying attention to the other people. Cheryl said that she wanted to apologize for not talking to her about the little girl this morning.

There is some longevity to the dreamlike hallucinations.

This disease of Parkinson is relentless.

Carpe Diem.

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