Enough of This Crap! Let’s Celebrate!

Melisa and David and the kiddos

Melissa Comer and David Weisgerber got married in July. They first met in high school (upper left) and life took them in different directions for many years and this year they were married.

They have a blended family. Two different mothers and three different fathers later here they are as a group. It is a wonderful group. They have a busy houseful of teenagers and two dogs and a female feline named Thomas. Thomas sounds like a small child crying and occasionally says, “Mom” in a way that will make you look to see which kid is trying to get attention.

Luke is interested in photography. [far right in the middle picture] He put this collage together for me. It tells a love story spread out over many years. Ellie’s photo-bomb selfie in the lower left expresses the joy, happiness and camaraderie that all the children seem to have when they are in their home.

So enough of this crap… Let’s celebrate two people who found each other again.

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