Covid Weariness Wariness

Us before Parkinson’s

As I started this post I mis-typed weariness as wariness and realized that although this Covid-19 business makes us both weary, wary is also an apt feeling. The news about it has become another weather report but the constant update of numbers and deaths and governmental tug-of-war has made us wary of going out to do necessary errands.

I have become adept at ordering things online and as carryout from local restaurants. All the while wondering if something that can only be viewed with an electron microscope is lurking on a surface waiting to kill me.

In a way Dealing with Parkinson’s disease has been good training for Covid-stay-at-home. We are weary of it all. Everyone has to die of something. My father years ago expressed the thought that he was not too worried about dying but he was interested in if it would hurt. The doctor replied, we have good stuff for that.

The nightly covid-19 weather report corrupts my interest in the evening news programs.

Cheryl’s sister is laying face down in a ICU bed in a hospital in Florida. The prone position is used to increase oxygenation in the lungs. It is better when laying face down.

The ventilator tube has been reintroduced into her trachea to help her breath for the second time in as many weeks. She is deathly ill with covid-19 and the extra complications of Parkinson’s disease, myethenia gravis and diabetes. The machine is breathing for her according to my brother-in-law and the machine is giving her pure oxygen. It makes us wary of answering the phone.

Over the past 10-15 days Jan was in the hospital, out of the hospital, in a different hospital, back in the first hospital, tested positive for covid, a wearying experience for her I have no doubt. A wearying experience for her husband who is in the position of caring for their autistic son on his own and providing comfort to a boy who is not sure of the world around him. And unable to visit, care for, provide comfort to his very ill wife. She is sedated. The rest of the family, three sisters and two brothers, wait. Wary of answering the phone. Wishing we could be in Florida. Staffing shifts in the hospital. Sitting with Jan and Bill.

Somehow prayer only seems to enhance the stress. But it is all the family has.

A good news thing is no other member of the Florida bunch has covid-19. Only Jan picked it up from somewhere.

As soon as one feels down about their own situation and how miserable it is, boom-chukka-lucka, someone with a worse situation appears to humble one’s outlook.

Parkinson’s disease can make you crazy but often other folks get deathly ill.

… successfully ended on a down note.

One thought on “Covid Weariness Wariness

  1. You hit on some interesting point, my friend. There is nothing we can do except pray that God’s will be done in us and others. And, just about the time I begin having a pity party for how bad MY situation is, I hear about a friend who has things much worse. It makes me thankful for MY problems, and it helps me realize that I’m best suited to take care of our problems, not theirs. We are weary of Parkinson’s and of COVID talk, and we are wary that the next phone call will announce the death of a loved one. But all of that is in God’s hands. We don’t have to worry, just trust that God knows what to do! Thanks for the post.


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