A Nervousness in my Gut

There are so many concerns and worries with Parkinson’s that any extra things are a distraction and unappreciated.

My sister-in-law has sent herself to the hospital in Florida because she is having trouble breathing. In addition to PD she is diabetic. Her PD symptoms are different than Cheryl’s but it is still very worrisome. It has been our experience that many hospitals are unequipped to deal with parkies. It is not that they do not understand the disease but clinically they do not seem to get the rigid meds schedule.

In my sister-in-law’s case food intake and timing is extremely important. As well as timing of her diabetes meds.

This of course is on top of the Covid pandemonium and other things going on in our lives. Cheryl is anxious for her sister. I am also. She is far away and the communications are broken by distance and isolation.

The worry continues. And, oh by the way, Parkinson’s sucks!

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