A New Day

I write a lot about PD as a way to vent.  Today Cheryl made French toast for breakfast.  Her not me. I mentioned it last night at dinner which I cooked. Most times I cook.

This morning I had to do my standard male task and get the electric skillet out. Then I went to my chair for coffee and the paper. She cooked.  Like old times.  … tearing up as I think about it.  Like good times.

And that’s my complaint today; just when you get used to the everyday annoyances they go away for a while.  Carpe momentum…. didn’t have coffee yet. 

Today was a great day. Cheryl got to exercise in her PCF class. We had a little lunch at home afterward. I went to ride my bike in the afternoon. When I got home she was sewing and listening to music.

She rested at 4:30 until about 5. Pretty normal reaction to the meds in the afternoon. I cooked dinner and she ate it all.

Now she is sewing some more.

Parkinson’s disease sucks and then it’s gone.

Exercise before Covid-19

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