Occasionally things we do trigger memories, sometimes good, sometimes bad, regardless we should cherish those and seize the moment and emotion that those memories evoke. This is one. Many years ago, perhaps thirty-five, the Boosters was a relatively new organization morphed out of the Holy Name Society. A few of us decided to start a small golf group. There were about twelve of us and we owned the very first tee time at Indian Valley Golf Course; 6:30AM or so, down in the bottom of the valley, near the Little Miami river.

We rotated through playing about every third week through the late spring and summer. It was fun. A bunch of young men, feeling our oats, playing a silly game at an ungodly hour, and trash-talking our way around 18 holes in rain or shine.

Typically we were back in the clubhouse by 10:30 ready for breakfast and beer. On this particular occasion, John Shoemaker ordered an egg sandwich on toast from the kitchen as the Snicker’s purchased at the turn was not holding up. After a couple of bites and a round or two of liar’s poker he said, “This is a Good egg sandwich!” I can still hear his enthusiasm.

I wonder about memories like this. This is very vivid in my mind’s eye. John was seated with his back to the windows. He had given up his dollar to the poker game and took another bite of the sandwich before he made his pronouncement.

I thought of him this morning as I made myself an egg sandwich on toast for breakfast. You are right, John, it is good. May you rest in peace. You still live in my memory of good times.

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