Slowly They Recognized

Slowly the kids recognized that Dad was not going to ask for help.

Is it a loving husband thing? Is it a lifelong engineer thing? Is it arrogance? Is it and internal belief that only I can do it? – which is, maybe, arrogance. What is it about Cheryl’s PD that causes me to reject all offers of help?

Is it concern about interference? I know I felt some of that when Mom was still alive. Even though I was not at Seasons or Bridgeway Pointe every day, I felt I knew what was best for my mother. Conceit?

Slowly dad began to recognize that he was rejecting help freely offered.

It is not all about the caregivee. It is hard for the caregiver to recognize that things change. Relationships mature even when the relationship is mature and those in it are mature. (Aha!)

Occasionally the roles of giver and givee reverse without warning or announcement. Perhaps acceptance of the reversal satisfies more than a rejection of it. Perhaps dad needs nudge toward acceptance.

Slowly, ever so slowly, dad will change. Maybe.

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