Can you tell me?

Can you tell who is picking me up today?

A question in the early morning hour of 3:45AM puzzled her. She awakened with the thought that she had to get ready. Someone was coming to pick her up and take her somewhere. Panic stricken she woke up and couldn’t remember who or to where.

It is still with me many hours later. I wonder whether it is okay to just go with it or to cause controversy in the wee hours and deny it. I chose to console her with, next week. You are going next week. Oh, good she said and got up to visit the toilet.

Sometime between the bed and the bathroom, it changed back into I have to get ready. They are coming soon. After the toilet flushed the closet door opened. I knew my ploy did not stick. I got up to try again.

Remember I said. You are not going until next week. Oh, okay she responded as I took her bathrobe and hung it onto the hook again. Come back to bed, I said.

We did. Eventually she was gently snoring. I laid awake listening to her sleep. Wishing with all my being that she would remain there, I fell back to sleep an hour later. Love messes with your head. Be angry if you want but anger accomplishes nothing.

In the morning she does not remember. It is a ghost memory.

Parkinson’s disease, ya gotta love it.

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