Talking and Thinking

In an earlier comment I noted that it seems as though Cheryl’s brain is slowly being re-wired so that every passing thought comes straight though. Naturally this is confusing to me because I am unsure as to whether I need to respond or merely listen. We laugh about it occasionally as I will say, “Are you talking to me or are you just talking?” The answer could go either way. Through our first forty to forty five-ish years of marriage she did not do this. Often we could sit for hours quietly, enjoying ones company, occasionally vocalizing our thoughts. Talking about the kids. Telling some story about some occurrence at work. It is different now.

It seems to me that it is different in a couple of ways. She vocalizes her thoughts continuously, often at a low volume, an understandable (mostly) mumble and she will talk about nearly anything to total strangers. This last I don’t recall her doing unless we were thrown into some social situation were it was sort of expected (i.e. sitting at a common table on a cruise.) I worry, probably unnecessarily, that she will give up some piece of information that will hurt her (and us) somehow. It may be totally unfounded but I think it is this nervousness in me that causes some background anxiety. In this behavior is a susceptibility or proclivity to believe in the kindness of ones fellow man which in the case of a scammer is none existent. Hence the source of my anxiety.

Parkinson’s disease sucks. It sucks big time!

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