Parkinson’s disease sucks March 20, 2019

It’s hard to get away from the fact that Parkinson’s doesn’t define your life and your spouse’s life when it consumes so much time. Today was a consuming day. Cheryl is oftentimes frustrated by the fact that what worked previously to help her feel better does not work this time. The principle medication Sinemet is only 60% effective. She has a symptom of being unable to release gas bubbles from her but without a great deal of effort.

Most of us burp and fart with ease. It’s a natural and normal activity. If it’s loud and offensive we excuse ourself politely and are slightly embarrassed. In Cheryl’s case it is painful, nauseating, and debilitating. All activity stops until the situation is releaved. On some days Coca Cola works to provide the relief needed. Some days it is Tums. Some days it’s laying down. Some days all three. It is consuming.

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