Streusel Coffee Cake

A Betty Crocker recipe — I have written about various baking adventures that I have had. In the case of our last three or four years when I took over most of the cooking duties in our family as Cheryl’s disease progressed, I tapped into the Betty Crocker franchise for various recipes. I even remarked that they will fill your inbox to overflowing. They will!

But I often look at the articles and recipes with the background thought that some person somewhere in a test kitchen with creative cooking and baking skills greater than mine has developed something worthy of publishing and putting out there for all of us to try. My baking eye caught this one. I have Bisquick in my larder but use it mostly for pancakes and waffles. Red Lobster mixes it with shredded cheddar and make cheesy biscuits, which if you have not had them, are pretty good.

I made this recipe for our “something sweet for breakfast” Sunday morning. I used tip #1 to make a glaze.

Things I would change: Batter is a poor term. There is very little liquid in the cake part of the recipe. Next time I will probably increase the milk by about half to 3/4 cup to make it more batter(y) or add 1/4 cup of yogurt or sour cream to make it more moist. An experiment in baking! I am grateful that I can experiment in the kitchen.

Tip number one — Almond extract glaze — I will use with other recipes. I have a version of an apple fruit pocket coffee cake which I think will go well with this glaze.

Notes from — Round number two –

I used 1/4 C. milk, 1/4 C. of thawed frozen apple juice concentrate, 1/4 C. Sour cream in place of the 1/2 C. milk in the original recipe to make the batter. I kept the streusel topping the same. In addition I chopped up a golden delicious apple into small pieces and added these to streusel layers both in the cake and on top. Batter is slightly easier to deal with this time. I added about 10 – 15 minutes to the baking time. (used the toothpick test for doneness) Baked in a 375F convection oven.

I lightly greased the pan with Crisco. I cut a circle of parchment paper and placed in bottom of the cake pan over the Crisco and lightly greased the paper. The cake came out of the pan easily. Almond extract glaze on top before cooling.

Cheryl pronounced it good, really good.

Betty’s recipe

Carpe the food therapy Diem! (My spell check wanted to change streusel to”stressful” – Never!)