Seasonal Drama

Pictures from the same spot as the year progresses.

Seasons from the Crest of the Hill

Taken in November of 2016, this picture was made with a bottom of the line LG smartphone. The view is from the cart path of an abandoned golf course in Amberley Village Ohio. It will be among other things a magnificent sled riding hill in the dead of winter if there is any snow.

February 2017

From approximately the same spot. If I continue this project into 2021 with a real camera, I will select a marker to give the viewer the same image each time. For now I am collecting these photos off an old phone I carried everywhere with me.

April 2017

Shadows make it harder to distinguish but standing in approximately the same spot. Things are greening up on the golf course.

June 2017

For reasons unknown even to the photographer I turned the phone vertical at a slightly higher position on the path. It is a learning experience. I had no original plan. This spot is merely where I started my walk on various days. The old cart paths add up to approximately 4 1/4 miles if you follow the zig-zag route they take across the old course.

October 2017

October and the leaves are turning.

January 2019


March 2020

Fuji Finepix A825

This picture is taken with a different device. I have a small Fujifilm Finepix A825 which has a collapsible lens and a telephoto feature. It is not a DSLR but it is convenient to carry on bike rides and walks. The sensor is 8.3 Megapixels. The far hillside is approximately 6 – 7 km away.