Lost in the Writing and Research Reading

I am lost. I have been lost for several days reading about viruses (viri?), vaccines, vaccine development, biological sciences, infectious disease and medicine and medical treatments. Absolutely fascinating. All of it is absolutely fascinating and equally fascinating is the amount of unsubstantiated poppycock produced in parallel.

Cui bono? Like weeds in a beautiful planned garden charlatans magically appear if they smell money. They are many and to numerous to mention by name. Read the “about” information page. These are enlightening. Be aware if there is not one attached to a website trying to sell you stuff.

I do miss being in school and sitting in class but most of all I miss sitting in the library doing research. I was required to take a class in doing research while working on my M. Ed. years ago. I liked the research. I liked the writing less so.

My Abstract: The International School to school Experience supports and facilitates an exchange program for pre-teens. A study is made of the students of two schools that participated in an exchange during the 2003- 2004 school year. The study is modeled after a previous investigation into measurable changes in attitude attributable to travel abroad. The instrument used in the previous study is converted for use with a younger group of students. The results of the survey support the previous study in that the experience of international travel seems to influence the participants’ attitudes as defined by a series of adjectives. No generalizations are made about the results of the survey. Recommendations are made for a further study that could provide more information.

A link to the whole paper is here. Lots of research papers are available at various web servers. Typically there is a hefty fee to down load the information. Its is copyrighted by the author(s). I understand that. Many internet researchers do not.

It is fun though. I miss it.