Recently one of the older residents of our condo complex passed away suddenly from a cardiac arrest at dinner. This was very sad news indeed for her family and shocking news to our HOA and those who knew her.

Cheryl’s version of Parkinson allows her to see apparitions, some would say hallucinations, but I think it is more than that. For example, there is an old picture from one of her mother’s birthday parties on a piece of furniture near our dining table. In the background of this picture is a tiny image of our son and our daughter. My son’s wife is also there with her back to the picture taker. I do not know who took the picture but fairly often when we sit at this table she will see and want to set a place for our children. To her the people in the photo are with us.

Today as we got into the car to go to exercise class, Cheryl described seeing a “blond or gray-haired woman” zipping down the hallway in a hurry. Cheryl said that she did not look around or wave as she went by. I asked a couple of questions about this person. How long was her hair? Short like yours? Or longer? Cheryl’s description of the woman could have described the resident who had died a few days ago.

Marty was a sweet older woman who loved to garden. She was one of the original residents when this little group of condos as built about twenty-five years ago. She had problems with her back which kept her from doing as much gardening as she wanted but recently her son was living with her and taking care of some of that for her. I had solicited her help with talking to our landscape folks about adding some new plantings where there had been some damage by one of the other residents. This was a few days ago and the plan was going forward.

From Cheryl’s description it could have been her in the hallway. Marty was HOA president until she gave it up to me. She was always checking on stuff. Making sure that it was just so. She was an excellent observer of the place. better than I am.

Could we be haunted?

Cheryl often describes to me a woman she sees in our condo sitting in the bay window seat of our bedroom. When she awakens in the morning she sees this person. She tells me that the woman in charge of the school… (Cheryl will add some description). I cannot resist pointing out that only we live here but perhaps like the actress in “Ghosts” only she can see them. Maybe I should emulate the husband ask more questions about who she sees. After all I am the chef these days.

We bought this condominium from the priest who happened to be the pastor of Marty’s parish but he had bought it originally for his mother. She passed away before she ever moved in. Was she running a school?

I do not have any answers to any of this. What if the apparitions Cheryl sees are actual ghosts of people who were here before. Now they are faded out like unavailable options on a software interface menu?

Something to think about.