Food Therapy – Tacos with a New Name

same as Flautas but with green goo added

Tacos for dinner — Fully loaded Pork Taquitos — This name made me smile. A small taco, fully loaded might be an international oxymoron. Unmentionable is the fact that these are made in the oven and taquitos are typically deep fried or at least the ones I have had in the southwestern U. S. are deep fried. I have not had anything like this in Mexico but I have not been to Mexico in twenty years or so. Perhaps it is a different thing in Mexico.

The Instructions

Knowing what I was in for having previously made the Flautas, I made the guacamole goo and the pico de gallo ahead of time before I started anything else. So I did the steps 1, 4, 2 then 3. The prep stage does not tell you to chop the tomato ever. Nor does it instruct to make lime zest.

All is here
Shrapnel and waiting for the oven to free up

I did a slightly different procedure this time. I also made a dessert – pumpkin bread with raisins and peaches, so I had to wait for the oven to finish the bread before making the tiny tacos that were fully loaded. I took this picture just before I started with the skillet to fry the onions and brown the pork. The pumpkin bread and peaches is seen in the top of the photo below.

My plate

As you can see the overloaded taco spilled out onto the plate. My dribble technique is improving but still needs work.

Her plate

I have poked a little fun at this recipe mostly because I made it before under the disguise of “flautas”. This caused me to search the internet of all knowledge to discover the difference. Flour tortillas v. corn tortillas is the answer. I have been cheated out of the culinary distinction! Next trip to the store will cause me to either buy corn tortillas or some maze to make my own.

Happy experimenting!