Food Therapy — Pork Flautas

She has always liked tacos. Flautas are very similar. This one is a keeper. She glopped the rest of the lime crema on the last flauta and ate it. The times are about right.

I would make the pico de gallo and the lime crema first before anything else happened. Everything else worked just fine.

…everything is here.

his plate

And it looks like the picture.

her plate

I still have not learned drizzle.


The little jar of toothpicks I did not use after all. A kitchen scissors is handy for all the little hermetically sealed bags of ingredients. Any hardware store has cheap bristle brushes. I use them for spreading melted butter, olive oil, etc. They can be cleaned with soap and water. Eventually they die and you can get another. They are cheap. The one in the picture is 1 1/2 inch wide. Did I mention they are cheap?

This is a keeper. It turned out well. I would do the sauce and pico at the beginning simply because there is more time then to enjoy the wine while the flautas are flauting in the oven.