Food Therapy- Magic Chicken

Spicy Maple Chicken
Instructions for the Spicy Maple Chicken meal

Ingredients — The instructions make reference to something called chili flakes. There is no such thing included. There is a package called fry seasoning which is paprika and other things – garlic and onion. There is nothing that falls into the category of spicy and there is no frying going on so WTF? There is an extra pack of panko crumbs.


Alas, I was not paying attention to ingredients.  This meal has those dreaded roasted green beans.  They come in their own extra washed bag.  They are washed with some whitish substance that almost caused me to throw out the previous group in another recipe. The MAPLE SYRUP is from VERMONT, however, so it has to be good. When I make the sweet potatoes again I will use Sticky Pete’s from ATHENS, OHIO.

I have not made mashed sweet potatoes or yams before making this kit.  These are simple to make, so I will make them again and experiment with flavors. The maple syrup was good and it makes me think that honey and something or brown sugar and cinnamon might be good options. There is definitely a couple of trials to be made.

I found the potato masher. Three year old Zachary had been using it whenever he came to visit. Grandpa found it.

My plate

On a square plate the roasted green beans make a nice wall to separate the meat from the mash. When this comment jumped into my head I also thought that perhaps bangers and mash made with sweet potatoes might be a hit. It appealed to me at any rate. I will have to see what sort of sausage is available locally.

Cheryl’s portion

Thoughts – roasted green beans still are not a favorite of mine, but overall a pretty good dinner. She did tell me that she likes steamed or canned green beans better. We used to can them from our garden in our younger years. These are the best and may have tainted us for life against roasted green beans.

Perhaps roasted green beans will be abandoned for now. Before doing this Hello Fresh experiment, I had only tried roasting green beans once before after following a blog on Pocket or wherever about roasting vegetables. Most of the time I have been successful at roasting vegetables right from frozen. — even the no name brand veggies work well this way. Try broccoli and corn mixed together. Surprisingly good.

The sweet potatoes or yams recipes experiment will continue. Cheryl likes sweet potatoes. Butternut squash might work here too. This has expanded my thoughts about cooking things in season.