Food Therapy – Bulgogi Pork

The cover photo shows red peppers roasted with sweet potatoes. I was very interested in this recipe because I roast lots of veggies these days. I is becoming my favorite technique. Any meat can be seared in a pan an added to the veggie roasting pan to complete cooking. The added benefit of this technique is that some of the meat juices drift into the vegetables. Yum. I am not vegetarian at all. I am an omnivore.

The front of the recipe card

This recipe is adaptable to many other meats. I plan to try it with chicken and beef and when I track down a couple deer steaks from my hunter friends, hopefully, deer.

the instructions

The back tells me to peel and mince the garlic. What the hell! No garlic in the bag! Alas. However, garlic is one thing I am never out of. Usually there is a bulb or two hanging out with the onions but I have used it up. My back up supply is in a jar in the fridge. It doesn’t last forever in the jar so I have been using it up whenever I can. Opportunity here to use some, so, I used some.

What – no red pepper

The ingredients picture plainly shows a red bell pepper. I use these a lot in other cooking. Cheryl loves them. The factory must have been out. This is a very different dish with green and yellow peppers.

His plate

The plates look good. My drizzle is getting better.

her plate

Another plate shown here. As one can readily see I remembered the green onion garnish. These recipes are using a lot of green onion garnish. I will have to investigate how long unchopped and chopped green onions survive in a closed container in the fridge. This might be important factual information for future recipes.

Still disappointed that there was no red pepper but the dish was still good. I can get red peppers from the store and bulgogi sauce and have a do-over.

Food therapy as well as exercise can really liven up a day with Parkinson’s disease.