Food Therapy – Another style of Chicken

This is the last of the experiments with Hello Fresh. Their recipes work well but I was inspired to do other things. This is a new twist on spaghetti. It is like “kinda carbonara” if there is such a thing. I have made spaghetti, zitti, penne and tortellini with veggies and other additions as this one. Sometimes with red sauce, sometimes Alfredo but it usually turned out best if you let the veggies do their own thing which is possible with a “kinda carbonara” sauce.

Growing up spaghetti always had red sauce on it. Out of a can or jar, I remember Chef Boyardee specifically. I suppose there were others. When we got married and had a yard big enough for a garden, we made our own sauce. I wrote we but Cheryl did it. I merely picked the tomatoes.

Lemon Spaghetti

I did not follow the instructions in the order they are given. I did not cook the chicken in a skillet as it shows. It is my experience that a boneless chicken breast is most tolerable when brined and roasted. So I did that. It matters not what sort of rub, spices or breading you add to it. Roasting is better.

The instructions that I did not follow

The gang is all here. That is a tiny little zuch. I have not seen “a” garlic clove before.

All ingredients – even a single garlic clove.

As you can see below I did not get the spaghetti twirls correct.

My plate

Her veggies got stuck to one side.


This same spaghetti would work with either of the other chickens The spicy buffalo chicken might actually go better here.

Krusteaz Lemon cake

For dessert I made a lemon box cake. This actually pretty good. Cheryl ate two pieces. I make lots of things from scratch but you cannot beat a box mix for the precise amount of useless calories. Just enjoy.