Circular Conversation – Kids

Cheryl will ask are the kids coming? Are we meeting them there?

Not really children anymore.

This sort of conversation will happen every time we leave the house. She shouts out to the kids, “Come on. Let’s go!” I always respond with, no one is going but us but lately I have come to think that maybe I should not be doing this. I admit though that it is hard for me to not correct her impression that others are going with us. I need a better answer. No answer does not work. She will look around anxiously for the children that only she can see.

And she wonders if the kids got home safely after we return from somewhere. This of course is puzzling to me if the kids were not where we came home from. The other evening we went to some from friends house for dinner. When we got home she called out, “We’re home!” I could have said nothing or “Yes, we are.” and left it there. Instead I felt it necessary to remind her that no one else is here.

So she asked me to contact the kids to tell them that we are home safe and sound. I told her that I would do that while she was getting ready for bed. Our kids laugh at me when I do this.

But how Cheryl thinks of them often

All of us will go the extra mile to keep Cheryl safe and mentally calm.

Carpe Diem.